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EFORT Works Together with Alibaba Cloud to Build the Industry’s First Cloud Platform

    On March 31st, it is learned that with the help of Wuhu Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments, EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., the domestic robot company, signed a framework cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud Computing Co. Ltd. The two sides will work together to build the industrys first intelligent robot cloud platform integrating cloud computing, edge computing and the terminal, so that robots can be available to more factories, taking the first step towards intelligence.

    China is the largest market for industrial robots. According to the latest report published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), there are 141,000 new industrial robots installed in China every year, but a large number of them are only used in automobile and electronic manufacturing sectors. A series of problems, such as complex programming, poor consistency of supplied materials, and frequent change of production, have hindered the mass application of traditional industrial robots in general industrial enterprises. Nearly half of the industrial robots still stay at the handling level and unable to enter into the key processes of production and manufacturing.

    ”EFORT hopes to solve the problem of mixedline production in small batches in factories through cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to provide better intelligent solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford or use robots, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Anhui and then in China.said Xu Lijin, chairman of EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

    According to the agreement, the two parties will integrate domestic self-developed robotics, machine vision, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, making Alibaba Cloud Industrial Brain the technical support of the EFORT Intelligent Robot Cloud Platform. The Cloud Platform can make it easier for engineers to do programming and algorithm application. It can also improve the autonomy and intelligence level of robots, meet the “flexible requirements” of mixed-line production in small batches, and make up for the lack of process engineers in small and medium-sized factories to a certain extent.

    ”Anhui’s intelligent manufacturing industry is booming. Alibaba Cloud hopes to cooperate with more local enterprises like EFORT, give full play to its technological, platform-based and ecological advantages, and deeply involve in the digital transformation and upgrading in Anhui.” said Dai Hua, general manager of Anhui Strategic Development Department of Alibaba Group.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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