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Wuhu Talents Development Group Helps Match Graduates with Enterprises

   On November 9, at the invitation of the Municipal Talents Development Group and Wuhu Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd., more than 30 fresh graduates from the School of Electrical Engineering of Tongling University came to Xinke for a visit and exchange, and 27 of them signed employment agreements with the enterprise on the spot, becoming the new “dream makers” in Wuhu.

On the same day, graduates had a detailed understanding of the development history and corporate culture of the enterprise, and went to various production units to learn about the product research and development achievements and manufacturing processes. On site, the staff of the Municipal Talents Development Group introduced and promoted “Chinese Milk Vetch Talents Plan” in Wuhu, focusing on the detailed explanation of talents policies concerning the employment, housing and rental of graduates from colleges and universities in Wuhu. The careful and thorough arrangement has enhanced the young talents’ understanding of Wuhu and strengthened their determination to stay in Wuhu. The fresh graduates who signed employment agreements will start to work next week.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to introduce more talents and attract them to stay in Wuhu, the city has spared no effort to launch the “Chinese Milk Vetch Talents Plan” and taken the lead to establish Talents Development Group in the province. In addition, main officials of the Municipal Party Committee sent invitations to college students through the public class in the new semester, and set up Wuhu university alliance for talents development cooperation, helping match 10,000 college students with 100 enterprises to express Wuhu’s sincerity of loving, cherishing and respecting talents with practical actions.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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