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Wuhu Rail Transit Line 2 Opened for Trial Service

The first phase of Wuhu Rail Transit Line 2 is about to open and operate, which will be open to public for a three-day trial ride from December 23 to 25. At that time, citizens can scan the code through the Wuhu Rail APP to enter the station for a free trial ride.

It is reported that the trial ride this time includes 11 stations of the first phase of the Rail Transit Line 2, and the trial time is from 9 am to 7 pm since December 23 to 25. Citizens need to download the Wuhu Rail APP in advance, complete the real-name authentication and bind the bank card, then they can scan the code to take the rail transit, reducing waiting time. Before entering the station, passengers are required to display the green health code, including those of the National Integrated Government Service Platform and of other provinces and cities. If the elderly, children and people with visual and hearing disabilities travel alone, they can be checked for their health code by station staff, or they can enter the station by providing paper health green code and negative nucleic acid test proof within 7 days.

 The first phase of Rail Transit Line 2 is about 16 km long with 10 elevated stations and an underground station. It is laid along the city from  east and west and 11 stations were set up, which are Wanchunhu Road Station, Mengxi Road Station, Huizhou Road Station, Haiyan Road Station, Zhengwuzhongxin Station, Yuncong Road station, Shenshan Park Station, Wuhu Railway Station, Shenshankou Station, Wenhua Road Station and Jiuzi Square Station.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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