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Wuhu Rail Transit Line 1 Aims to Open Trial Operation by the end of September

All passengers, please hold the handlebars. The train is moving.In the spacious and comfortable carriage, Phase I of Wuhu Rail Transit Line 1 is undergoing on-line debugging. As early as June this year, Wuhu rail transit Line 1 has successfully passed the project acceptance, which is qualified for trial operation. We will strive to open this trial operation by the end of September this year, and rail transit Line 2 is scheduled to open for initial operation before the end of this year.

In the heat of the summer, rail transit builders are working overtime to clean up overpasses, entrances and elevators in the station.”We have increased our construction staff to do as much work as possible in the same amount of time.”Wang Yulin, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Yunda Company, said that all the builders have overcome many difficulties, such as high temperature, bad weather and the impact of the epidemic, and the construction period of the project is progressing smoothly. At present, rail transit line 1 has started the whole line trial run.

“To ensure the safety of the initial operation, the rail transit will go through a trial run for at least three months.” Wang Yulin said that in addition to rail transit construction, there are currently other problems of road maintenance, sewage pipe network transformation, urban construction pipeline change, greening and other projects, which caused difficulties to the public travel objectively. With the acceleration of the project, the conditions will be gradually alleviated.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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