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Wuhu Issued the First Self-service Printed Business License


On May 29, Wuhu City’s first self-help registration all-in-one machine for individual industrial and commercial businesses launched by the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau was officially put into operation. Yue Xiaobing, a business owner from Jiujiang District, printed out his business license through the machine, marking that the city’s individual registration has entered the era of intelligent examination and approval.

Self-help registration machine for individual businesses integrates multiple functional modules such as authentication, data filling, electronic signature, submission for review, and license printing. With an id card, the applicant can conduct face recognition and real-name authentication, and the system will automatically get personal information. Then the applicant can tick the business scope, business site and other contents according to the prompts step by step. The system will automatically generate the form and review it after completion. After the review, the business license can be self-printed. The whole process is about 5 minutes, without filling application forms or manually check, greatly reducing the processing time.

Since the reform of the business system, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has simplified the process and optimized the service link through reducing the time of business establishment, carrying out the whole-process electronic registration of enterprises, and implementing the methods of “oral application and on-the-spot issuance” for individual business licenses. In March this year, the smart examination and approval system for business licenses of enterprises in Wuhu City has been put into operation, and the business licenses have entered the era of “approval in seconds, constantly improving the registration facilitation.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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