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Wuhu Improved Drug Security in Multiple Respects

Wuhu Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau has improved drug security in multiple respects such as policy implementation, online procurement, and price supervision to meet people’s drug demand.

Through effectively carrying out the related policies and removing obstacles in the process of national centralized drug procurement, the city has orderly promoted the bulk-buying of each batch of national drugs, and implemented the centralized drug procurement in seven batches as prescribed by the country and the province for two consecutive years, including a total of 399 common drugs. In 2022, the city purchased a total of 236 million yuan of drugs selected from national and provincial collections, saving about 259 million yuan in total and reducing patients financial burden of treatment.

With closed-loop management, we have established the whole process supervision mechanism of online drug procurement. We have issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Online Procurement of Pharmaceutical Consumables, clarified the regulatory responsibilities of medical insurance departments and medical institutions at all levels for online drug procurement, standardized the online catalogue adjustment process, strengthened the daily management of online drug procurement, established and improved the comprehensive regulatory mechanism for online drug consumables procurement in municipal public medical institutions, and realized closed-loop management of the whole process.

We have carried out price monitoring and adjustments of key drugs. We have established and improved the reasonable formation mechanism of drug prices in Wuhu, regularly monitored the prices of key drugs, and timely reported the problems existing in drug price adjustments. The drug price monitoring involves 1,596 products in 2022, effectively promoting the comprehensive standardization of drug price adjustments, and enhancing the drug supervision and guarantee capacity in the city.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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