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Wuhu Has Been Selected as the Pilot City of “Innovation China”

A few days ago, a good news came from Wuhu Association for Science and Technology that the city was successfully selected as the pilot city of “Innovation China”.

It is learned that the declaration of the pilot city was led by Wuhu Association for Science and Technology, with the cooperation of Wuhu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Bureau, Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, etc. Two key industries and three strategic emerging industries in Wuhu have been carefully selected to incubate, successfully creating a “sample” for the integration of science & technology and economy.

An official in charge of Wuhu Association for Science and Technology said that Wuhu would gain support from China Association for Science and Technology in terms of talents and intelligence after being selected as the pilot city of “Innovation China”. More innovation resources can be introduced into Wuhu, grassroots units and enterprises, which will surely achieve practical results in boosting Wuhu’s scientific and technological innovation and economic transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that the list of pilot cities selected for “Innovation China” was announced at the Tenth National Congress of China Association for Science and Technology held recently, and a total of 39 cities across the country were selected. “Innovation China” is a service brand created by China Association for Science and Technology featuring innovation, entrepreneurship and creation, aiming to build a technical service and trading platform for resource integration and supply-demand docking. By exploring the organizational mechanism and incentive mechanism of financial cooperation for production, education and research and setting up a team of strategic research and innovation talents, we can realize talent aggregation, technology integration and service optimization, accelerating the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements and making science and technology better serve economic and social development.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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