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Wuhu Has Added Four More Intercity Bus Lines

    Following the opening of five intercity bus lines to counties (city) and districts, Wuhu city has added four more intercity bus lines to counties (city) and districts by the end of 2020, so as to further meet the needs of urban and rural residents for fast travel.

    The reporter learned from the municipal transportation department that before December 30 last year, the city opened four bus lines to Wanzhi District, Fanchang District, Nanling County and Wuwei City, including K501, K503, K505 and K506, all of which were green and environmentally friendly pure electric buses. Compared with the existing intercity buses, which stop at about 40 stations on average, the additional bus stops along the route are limited to 10, which further shortens the operation time of a single trip, improves the vehicle utilization rate, and better meets the diversified travel demands of passengers. The reporter also learned that the favorable measure for people has been actively planned to promote the exemption of tolls for intercity buses travelling on the Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge. After the implementation of this measure, the bus fares between Wuwei and the downtown area of Wuhu will be greatly reduced, bringing more convenience and benefits to people.


It is reported that last year, Wuhu accelerated the transformation of bus lines from city to counties (city) and districts into public transport, promoted the rapid connection with the city-wide public transport network, and comprehensively improved the level of integrated development of urban and rural public transport. According to statistics, since the opening of intercity bus lines in Wuhu on September 29 last year, 103 buses have been put into operation on a daily basis, carrying 460,000 passengers per month and 15,000 passengers per day. The average bus fare is 3 yuan per person, which is significantly lower than that of 8 yuan per person in the same period last year. The monthly travel expenses for the citizens have been cut by 2.3 million yuan in total, which greatly reduces the travel cost of the masses.



Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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