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Wuhu Exceeded the COVID-19 Vaccination Target in the First Half of the Year

On June 30th, it was learned from Wuhu Municipal Health Commission that as of 22:00 p.m. on June 29th, a total of 1,368,461 people finished the first shot and 1,298,993 people finished the second shot of COVID-19 vaccine, exceeding the vaccination target assigned by Anhui Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters.

According to the relevant deployment and requirements of vaccination at the national and provincial level, the first injection will be resumed in an orderly manner on July 1st under the premise of guaranteeing the second injection. People aged 3 to 18 and those over 60 years old can get vaccinated following the principle of being informed, consent, and voluntary. The vaccination for these two groups of people will be carried out in a safe and orderly manner. People under the age of 18 will be vaccinated in batches according to requirements of the Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, and those over 60 will be vaccinated successively under the premise of strict health assessment and good medical security. All counties and districts in Wuhu will focus on fulfilling the vaccination target in the second half of the year. The city will continue to fight against the COVID-19 and overcome difficulties, protecting all people from being infected as soon as possible.

Vaccines are the most powerful weapon to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Wuhu Municipal Health Commission calls on the public that those who are physically fit for injection should be vaccinated actively. Citizens are reminded that they should not ignore personal daily protection even though they are vaccinated. Remember to wear masks, wash hands and ventilate frequently, and keep one-meter social distancing, so as to make contributions to the epidemic prevention and control while protecting themselves.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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