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Wuhu Became the Only City In the Second Batch of Pilot Cities for Industry-Finance Cooperation in Our Province

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments released the list of the second batch of pilot cities for industry-finance cooperation. Wuhu city was successfully selected into the list of the first batch of continuous pilot cities, making it the only city in our province.

It is reported that with cities as the carrier, the national pilot cities of industry-finance cooperation will explore new models of industry-finance cooperation, create an ecological environment of sound interaction and coordinated development between industry and finance, promote the deep integration of innovation chain, industrial chain, policy chain and talent chain, and accumulate experience for deepening the reform in the financial field. After preliminary examination, recommendation and expert evaluation, a total of 51 cities (districts) have been selected as the second batch of pilot cities for industry-finance cooperation. As one of the first batch of industrial and financial cooperation pilot cities selected in 2016, Wuhu was identified as one of the first batch of 18 cities to continue the pilot program after the three-year pilot period.

In recent years, our city attaches great importance to industry- finance cooperation. Closely focusing on the new industry, new technologies, new forms, new mode, and “four new added endowment” of economic development in the capital market, our city builds a platform for industry-finance cooperation, continuously strengthens the supporting role of finance for the industry, improves the policy system, expands the scale of the industry, and keeps the development of direct financing at a high level, which provides strong support for promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading and improving the quality and efficiency of enterprises in Wuhu.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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