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Wuhu Agricultural Products Promotion Center Operated

On January 15th, the opening ceremony of the exhibition center of Anhui Supply and Marketing Platform (Agricultural Products Promotion Center for Rural Revitalization in Wuhu) was held. Wu Liangsi, Party Secretary and Director of the Council of Anhui Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Zhu Yongdong, Party Member and Deputy Director of Anhui Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, Wang Bin, Party Member and Deputy Director of the Council of Anhui Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative, attended the opening ceremony, and Cai Yi, Vice Mayor of Wuhu, delivered a speech.

Cai Yi said in his speech that the opening of the center is a Wuhu action based on the new development stage and staying up to date with the times, a Wuhu practice that adheres to the common development of the municipal government and the society, and a Wuhu innovation that increases farmers’ income and realizes common prosperity. With the official operation of the exhibition center (promotion center), the platform for accelerating the circulation of agricultural products, helping farmers increase their income and promoting agricultural efficiency has been successfully set up. We sincerely welcome special agricultural products from various regions to settle in the center, and hope that the local authority, enterprises, institutions and citizens at all levels will fully support the development of the center and jointly help build a Wuhu model for comprehensive rural revitalization.

After the opening ceremony, the officials and guests attending the ceremony visited the exhibition center together.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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