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West Square of Wuhu Railway Station Winning Public Acclaim

    Yesterday morning, the reporter came to Wuhu Railway Station from Beijing Road and walked into the West Square to see that all the roads were paved with brand-new asphalt, with signs pointing to bus garage entrance, private vehicle entrance and taxi entrance respectively. Drivers who came to the West Square for the first time could know clearly which road they should take. Later, the reporter walked through the West Square where the trees were tall and straight and shrubs were planted in the flower beds. On the north side of the West Square, passengers can conveniently transfer between buses and high-speed trains while experiencing the attractive bus hub and railway station.

    “The West Square is not only eye-catching, but also really convenient,  said Mr. Fan, ready to take a train through the Square, “It is very close to the downtown area, and several buses are available to take us to Wuhu Railway Station. Usually, it only costs 7 yuan or so by taxi from near Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street.” Although it was possible to enter the station from the West Square some time ago, it is now pleasant to see that the Square is surrounded by green plants and lanes are well planned and constructed as it has been officially put into use. Mr Lin, a taxi driver who just sent someone to Wuhu Railway Station, said that the scientific lane design of the West Square makes it more convenient to pick up and drop off passengers.

    It is reported that the West Square is mainly rebuilt on the site of the previous railway station square, covering an area of about 110 mu. The total construction area is about 49,000 square meters, including 4,800 square meters above the ground and some 44,000 square meters underground. The main facilities of the West Square include the entrance platform, bus parking lot and bus dispatching room, 2 non-motor vehicle parking lots, the tourist coach parking lot in the northeast corner, the private vehicle parking lot in the southeast corner, 3 public toilets and the U-shaped entrance. The open area on the first floor underground has been equipped with the main corridor and sunken squares on both sides, the exit, taxi waiting area and parking lot, two public toilets, etc.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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