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Sub-conference of World Manufacturing Conference Jianghuai Online Economic Forum in Wuhu was Held

On September 12, the Sub-conference of World Manufacturing Convention Jianghuai Online Economic Forum in Wuhu was officially opened. Party Secretary Pan Zhaohui, Municipal Leaders Zhang Zhihong, He Xiangyang, Fang Guohua attended the sub-meeting, and witnessed the signing of the projects on spot. Directors and leaders with specific duties of each county (city), district and development zone participated in the activities as well as relevant municipal departments and representatives of entrepreneurs.  

This conference innovatively adopted the “cloud” mode of organization. Sub-conferences have been set up in 16 cities across the province, which were connected to the main conference hall in Hefei via video link. Guests at the wuhu sub-venue watched the opening ceremony and keynote forum via webcast. In the subsequent “cloud signing” link, projects of Wuhu in the main venue and sub-venue signing simultaneously. Among them, 7 projects were signed in the main venue with a total investment of 17.1 billion yuan, and 28 in wuhu sub-venue, reaching a total investment of 15.2 billion yuan. In addition, there are 41 projects signed by counties (cities) districts and development zones, with a total investment of 45.7 billion yuan, including new display, new energy, new materials, new infrastructure, equipment manufacturing and other fields.

In recent years, Wuhu has focused on the development of strategic emerging industries and seized the opportunities of new infrastructure , paving the way for industrial transformation and upgrading, forming industrial agglomeration effects in intelligent manufacturing and robotics, new energy vehicles, general aviation, modern agricultural machinery and other fields, and attracting a large number of leading enterprises and major projects. In the first half of this year, the city’s investment in strategic emerging industries grew up by 12.3%, and the number of new projects launched this year that are more than 100 million yuan  increased by 133 compared with the same period last year. New industries and projects have played a significant role in driving the economy.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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