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Six Hospitals in Wuhu Have Been Designated to Provide Medical Services for Foreign Experts

In order to provide better services for foreign experts in Wuhu, solve their problems, and ensure that they live and work in Wuhu without worries, in addition to policy and financial support, life service is also meticulous. On February 15, the reporter learned from Wuhu Municipal Talents Office that Wuhu Municipal Health Commission recently appointed six hospitals in Wuhu to provide medical services for foreign experts.

It is reported that the six hospitals are The First Affiliated Hospital of Wannan Medical College, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Wannan Medical College, Wuhu No.1 People’s Hospital, The Second People’s Hospital of Wuhu, The Fifth People’s Hospital of Wuhu and Wuhu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In order to avoid the difficulties of foreign experts due to language barriers, the six hospitals should arrange a staff with a higher foreign language level in the corresponding departments of high-level talents medical service. Foreign experts should be pre-checked and triaged immediately when making an appointment and should be accompanied by translators throughout the whole journey. At the same time, hospitals should select some clinical experts with high foreign language proficiency, who can have direct dialogue with foreign experts in the process of treatment. It is suggested that qualified hospitals explore the development of international medical services according to the scale of the foreign medical market in Wuhu.

In addition, staff of all nucleic acid detection institutions will take the initiative to inform foreigners that they can use passport and foreigner’s residence permit to apply for health code when receiving them to collect the nucleic acid. At the same time, they are supposed to check and ensure that the name and id type and number of foreigners registered on the APP Anhui Big Data Center are consistent with the name and ID number registered when doing nucleic acid testing records, so that the results can be queried. Besides, it is necessary to provide nucleic acid test reports in English for foreigners and those with relevant needs. For foreign experts who need a standard electronic version of the report, the hospitals will send the electronic version to their mailbox.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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