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Research Team Inspecting National Pilot City of Integrated Elderly Care and Medical Services Visited Wuhu

On September 7th, a research team came to Wuhu to inspect the pilot work of integrated elderly care and medical services in the city by listening to introductions, referring to materials, conducting on-the-spot inspection and interviews.

At Huakang smart Elderly Care Center in Jiujiang District, the research team went into the nursing ward, living quarter, multi-functional activity hall and other areas to learn more about the work flow, medical staff, and the management of software and hardware facilities of the center, and appraised the service mode of integrated elderly care and medical services combining disease prevention, medical treatment, rehabilitation care and living care. In front of the big screen of the smart elderly care cloud platform, they learned about the digital construction of medical care and diagnosis and treatment services, and praised the relevant achievements.

The research team said that according to the principle of taking social benefits as the core and sustainable development as the goal, we should strengthen the scientific management of medical and elderly care institutions, improve the working mechanism of medical and elderly care linkage, continuously enhance the professional service level and service supply capacity. We should constantly expand the number of managers, professional and technical personnel and nursing staff in medical and elderly care institutions, encourage and attract more resources to flow to the integrated elderly care and medical services, and promote the orderly flow of professionals. We should speed up the digital construction of medical care, give full play to the influence of medical care institutions, promote the cultural and ethical spirit of respecting and loving the elderly, and constantly improve the elderly’s sense of well-being.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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