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Notice on Free Chinese Program for Foreigners in Wuhu

In order to help foreigners in Wuhu improve their Chinese level, better understand and adapt to Chinese society, Anhui Business College will launch a Free Chinese Course for Foreigners in WuhuProgram, which is sponsored by Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal Government.                  

    The Program is mainly composed of two parts: Business Chinese and Introduction to Chinese Culture. 

To enrich the program, some other exchange activities, such as Chinese Gala Show, Cultural Salons, Chinese Food DIY and Ancient Huizhou Village Touring, will also be arranged.

The on-campus learning part of the Program in Anhui Business College will not be charged. As for the off-campus activities, expenses incurred will be charged accordingly to those who participate on a voluntary basis. The Program is scheduled to start on August 2nd, 2021, and lasts for 12 weeks, with the specific time as follows:

The Program is open to all foreigners who work or live in Wuhu with legal residence permit. The application deadline is July 25th, 2021. Welcome to join us. Please click the following link to submit information:

Contacts: Mr. Ye, Ms Li;     

Contact & Wechat Number:1351553341718356996096


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