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Intellectual Property Work in Wuhu Improved in Quantity and Quality in the First Three Quarters

According to the press conference on IPR protection in Wuhu on November 25, the indicators of IPR creation, protection and application in Wuhu ranked among the best in the assessment of the province’s business environment in the first three quarters of this year.

Since the beginning of this year, our city has made remarkable achievements in the protection of the source of intellectual property rights, and the quantity and quality of patent and trademark registrations have increased. From January to September this year, there were 12863 patents granted in Wuhu, including 2302 invention patents and 84 PCT (international application), ranking the second in the province. Up to now, Wuhu has 21,643 valid invention patents and 138,876 valid registered trademarks, ranking the second in the province. The number of effective invention patents reached 58.9, ranking first in the province for 11 consecutive years.

In recent years, our city has strengthened the cooperation between departments and regions, and focused on building the “great protection” pattern of intellectual property rights. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau established a cooperation mechanism for intellectual property protection in Wuhu with six units, including the Municipal Middle Court and the Municipal Procuratorate. It also established a working mechanism for connecting administrative mediation and judicial confirmation of intellectual property disputes and another for connecting litigation and mediation of intellectual property disputes with the court of Wuhu Economic Development Zone, taking the lead in realizing the interconnection of mediation organizations, mediators and case notifications on the “People’s Court mediation platform” in Wuhu. Municipal Bureau of Justice and Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision built the first intellectual property notarization service center in Anhui Province, which has handled more than 130 cases of intellectual property notarization since its operation. The Municipal Procuratorate and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau implemented the mechanism of “linkage between government and procuratorate”, established a joint meeting system, and set up an intellectual property protection center in Wuhu Area of Free Trade Zone.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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