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“Conch” and “Chery” Selected in the First Batch of Trademark Protection Lists in Anhui Province

Trademark is an important symbol to distinguish the sources of goods and services, and it is also a significant intangible property of enterprises. It was learned on May 6th that the trademarks “Conch” and “Chery” of our city were successfully selected in the first batch of trademark protection lists that include 25 trademarks in total in Anhui Province released by Anhui Administration for Market Regulation.

Based on “Anhui Province Intellectual Property Protection Measures”, trademark protection lists in Anhui Province include registered trademarks in the province that enjoy high reputation, have greater market influence, and are easily infringed and counterfeited into the key protection lists, aiming at strengthening the protection of trademark exclusive rights and trademark brands, safeguarding the development of brand economy and promoting high-quality development.

By the end of 2021, the total effective number of registered trademarks in Wuhu reached 126,182, ranking first in the province in terms of the growth rate. There are 2,867 registered trademarks per 10,000 market entities, ranking first in the province as well. Market regulation departments at all levels in Wuhu will also establish and improve a long-term mechanism for trademark protection, step up efforts in the investigation and punishment of counterfeit registered trademarks and trademark infringement cases, strengthen the protection of trademarks in all aspects, and better protect the legitimate rights of trademark owners.

 Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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