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Another Enterprise in Wuhu was Selected into the List of National Science and Technology Business Incubators

Recently, National Ministry of Science and Technology announced the list of national science and technology business incubators in 2021. Wuhu Zicheng technology business incubator was selected. Up to now, the number of national incubation carriers in Wuhu has risen to 12.

It is understood that Wuhu Zicheng technology business incubator was settled in Wuhu Hightech Zone in 2015, adhering to the trinity development strategy of “investment + incubation + consultation”. At present, more than 50 enterprises have settled in, covering various fields such as Internet, intelligent hardware, cultural creativity and industrial design, and providing more than 600 jobs.

National science and technology business incubator is the training base and support platform for innovative and entrepreneurial talents as well as an important part of the national innovation system. In recent years, Wuhu Hightech Zone has thoroughly implemented the concept of innovative development, and actively built an incubation zone for resource accumulation, platform building, talent introduction and training.

  Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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