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187 Old Urban Communities in Wuhu City to Be Renovated This Year

It’s learned from the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau that 187 old urban communities in Wuhu City , covering 29,342 households with a construction area of 2.8883 million square meters, will be renovated this year. The number of to-be-renovated old communities in the city ranks first in Anhui province, and the renovation area as well as the number of households involved rank second in the province.


The renovation of old communities is a pro-people project that delivers real benefits to them. From 2019 to 2021, the city plans to renovate about 2,600 old  communities, including those that affect residents’ daily lives or those residents of which have strong willingness to renovate, such as communities that have been built for a long time with insufficient supporting facilities, poor living surroundings and management, etc. We will effectively improve outdated facilities and equipment, incomplete functional supporting facilities and poor living surroundings in old communities. In the process of renovation, we do our utmost to implement the project and mobilize the masses to actively support us, sticking to the principle of all for the masses and relying on the masses. For example, we publicize the preliminary design plan for the renovation of old communities, solicit opinions from different people, and invite experts to review to improve the renovation plan.


The key to building up weak links concerning the functions of old communities lies in the post-project management and maintenance. On the one hand, we have clearly defined the responsibilities of various departments, jointly promoted the renovation of old urban communities into plots, carried out a thorough registration of illegal car parking, occupation, piling of trash and construction in those communities, and cleared the “obstacles” in the process of renovating old communities. On the other hand, we implement the Four-sphere Integrated Management Mechanism involving the Communist Party organizations in communities, neighborhood committees, proprietors’ committees and property service enterprises, set up property mediation centers, actively promote the “red property” management, allow the majority of proprietors to vigorously participate in community management, and ensure the effectiveness of the renovation of old communities.




Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal Peoples Government


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