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Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport Witnessed the First Passenger Flow Peak After Opening to Traffic

    During the May Day holiday, Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport witnessed the first peak time for passenger transport after opening to traffic. The airport handled a total of 22 flights and made the passenger throughput of 2,997 people. Air tickets during the popular time slot were more sought-after from Wuhu-Xuanzhou to Daxing, Beijing. The overall operation of Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport was smooth and orderly, achieving a good start.

    It is learned that Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport has opened the first batch of flights to Daxing, Beijing, Foshan and Guangzhou since it opened to traffic on April 30th. These flights are operated by China United and China Southern Airlines respectively under China Eastern Airlines. Although the launch time of flights is relatively short, business trips and travelling are booming. The favorable measures provided by the airline, such as free ride on the airport express line and free parking for 5 days, have successfully attracted passengers to choose to travel from Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport. The airline also established an emergency plan to effectively respond to the explosion of passenger flow during the holiday. The punctuality rate of flights reached 86.36% despite the adverse effects brought by unusual weather. Due to the weather and traffic flow control, 3 flights were delayed, and no flights were delayed for more than 4 hours. Passengers said that the operation of Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport makes it possible for people in the two cities, Wuhu and Xuancheng, to take a plane nearby. In the future, Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport will still be the first choice for people to travel as it has superior hardware and software facilities and cheaper fares than neighboring airports.

Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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