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Wuhu Implements the “5111” Plan to Boost Online Economy

Recently, the city issued the Implementation Plan of Wuhu City on Promoting the Development of Online Economy, which clearly stated that the city will seize the national strategic opportunity of integrated development of Yangtze River Delta and accelerate the strategic deployment of “Digital Jianghuai” launched by the CPC Anhui provincial committee and the provincial government, implementing the “5111” work plan to boost online economy. By 2025, we will strive to make more breakthroughs in key technologies, introduce more application scenarios, bring obvious effect of capacity agglomeration, establish sound supporting system, and significantly expand the industrial scale. With rapid improvement of its competitiveness, online economy will become a new driving force for the city’s industrial upgrading and high-quality economic development.

Accelerating the innovative development of a vibrant online economy is conducive to promoting the high-quality economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading in Wuhu. We are expected to achieve 5,000-plus online transactions, introduce and develop more than 1,000 online economic enterprises, create over 100 typical application scenarios, and build 10-odd characteristic demonstration areas by the year 2025. To be more specific, we will accelerate the development of new business forms and models such as “Internet plus New Retail”, “Internet plus Human Capital” and “Internet plus Efficient Logistics”, achieving an annual transaction volume of more than 500 billion yuan. We will introduce and cultivate a number of online new economic market entities to form 1,000-plus innovative enterprises. We will launch over 100 application scenarios with good demonstration effect, strong driving effect and excellent market influence. We will establish more than 10 demonstration zones that are open, collaborative and innovative, each with its own characteristics, so as to fully develop the online economy.

To facilitate the development of online economy, we will continue to make efforts in key areas such as intelligent manufacturing, online retail, online trade, online education, and intelligent medical care. Focusing on these key areas, we will establish a database to cultivate a number of leading enterprises with strong innovation capability, high technical level and great development potential. Meanwhile, we will further innovate the key digital technologies, promote the typical  online application scenarios, and strive to build Wuhu into a leading domestic and world-class online economic and industrial talent highland.


Translated by Wang Mengxiao from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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