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Wuhu City’s Total Revenue of Tourism Reached 540 Million Yuan During the May Day Holiday

   During the May Day holiday, the city’s cultural tourism market and scenic spots are well-ordered with colorful tourist activities. According to statistics, the city received a total of 1.15 million tourists, with tourism revenue reaching 540 million yuan.

    During the holiday, Wuhu City’s A-level tourist attractions strictly implemented the spirit of relevant instructions to control the number of the tourists, to maintain the order of the scenic spots and to strictly prevent disorder and congestion. During this holiday, in Wuhu Fanta tourist area and the citys other scenic spots, the flow of tourists is stable and well-organized, and none of them received tourists more than 30%.    

    During this holiday, the city’s major scenic spots have carried out various forms of activities, and issued a variety of preferential ticket policies, which further enriched the city’s tourism market and accelerated the recovery process of the tourism industry. Under the influence of favorable factors such as continuous fine weather, rural tourism is popular. Many citizens began to go out to enjoy the scenery nearby. Peripheral tour, spring outing tour, self-driving tour, rural tour and other short and medium routes are most popular with tourists, and the trend of recovery in the tourism market around the city is obvious. According to incomplete statistics, 340,700 tourists visited rural area of our city during the holiday, including 16,280,000 tourists in Maren Qifeng scenic spot, with ticket income of 1,798,800 yuan.

                                                             Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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