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The Second Thematic Scheduled Meeting on the Construction of Wuhu Area of Anhui Free Trade Zone was Held

The second thematic scheduled meeting on the construction of Wuhu Area of Anhui Free Trade Zone was held on 20th, summarizing and reporting the progress of work in Wuhu area since the first scheduled meeting, deploying and promoting the work in the next stage. Vice Mayor He Dong attended the meeting.

He Dong pointed out that institutional innovation is the core of free trade area construction and relevant departments, including customs, business, science and technology, human resources and social security, must focus on summarizing experience to form more institutional innovation results as soon as possible. We will continue to increase efforts to attract big business and push projects to be launched as soon as possible. The construction of Wuhu area should adhere to the weekly scheduling and weekly progress to promote the implementation of all work.

It is reported that investment attraction, system innovation, enterprise registration, bulk commodity backflow, enterprise service center construction, planning and design and other work in Wuhu area are being effectively promoted. As of November 19, there are 812 registered enterprises in Wuhu area, with a total registered capital of 21.33 billion yuan.

 Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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