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The 119 Fire Protection Publicity Month in 2020 was Launched in Wuhu


On November 3, the launching ceremony and consultation day of the city’s 119 Fire Protection Publicity Month in 2020 was held in Wanyue City Square, Jiujiang District. Ningbo, Member of Wuhu Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor attended the ceremony.

Ningbo said that holding activities of 119 Fire Protection Publicity Month is not only an effective carrier for people to learn about fire control and an important measure to build a nationwide prevention and control system,but also a strong guarantee to ensure that the city’s fire safety situation is stable. To improve fire fighting is not only the responsibility of fire and rescue agencies, but also the common responsibility of the whole society. Departments at all levels should make concerted efforts, jointly organize and implement various activities of this event, constantly improving people’s ability of fire safety, self-prevention and self-rescue, and providing a good fire safety environment for the coordinated promotion of epidemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development.

Ma Benxuan, an individual winner of the fifth “119” Fire Protection Award, and Wang Xiaopeng, a representative of the winning collective “Dajiang Volunteer Team” in Wuhu, made speeches. A variety of public participation activities were held on the scene, including demonstration of fire rescue equipment, smoke escape experience, competition for prizes and so on.


         Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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