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Five Players FromWuhu Were Selected Into the National Training Team of the World Skills Competition

The reporter learns from Department of Human Resources and social Security of Anhui Province that, a few days ago, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the list of the training team in China in the 46th World Skills Competition, including 19 project 21 players in our province. Compared with the 45th annual competition, in which 7projects and 11 players were selected, the number of projects and players are greatly improved this year.

 Reporters learned that 5 players in Wuhu were selected for the national training team. Among them, Xie Kaipei and Luo Kai from the state-owned Wuhu Machinery Factory were selected for the aircraft maintenance project training. Zhang Lin and Lu Haijie from Anhui Wuhu Technician College were respectively selected for building metal structure project training and industrial machinery project training while Jing Xiaolong from Wuhu Institute of Technology was selected for CAD mechanical design project training.

It is reported that the World Skills Competition is the highest level of worldwide vocational skills competition, known as the “World Skills Olympics”. The competition is held every two years and its competitiveness represents the world’s advanced level. The final contestants of 63 competitions will be selected after intensive training, and they will represent China to participate in the 46th World Skills Competition to be held in Shanghai on October 12, 2022.

Translated by Yuan Mengwen from Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government


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