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China Has 393 Million Vehicles, 479 Million Registered Drivers

A Chery employee installs parts in a vehicle at the company’s plant in Wuhu, Anhui province. [Photo/Xinhua]


China had 393 million motor vehicles and 479 million registered drivers by the end of November, respectively, 1.64 times and 1.85 times of the numbers 10 years ago, the Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday. 

Thursday was also the 10th National Traffic Safety Day. According to the Traffic Management Bureau of the ministry, nearly 700 traffic police and auxiliary traffic police died at their posts.

Although both the number of vehicles and drivers kept growing and the traffic pressure continued to rise, the death toll of road traffic accidents in every 10,000 vehicles showed an overall downward trend, it said. 

To better facilitate the public and benefit enterprises, starting from Dec 10, four traffic-related measures will be implemented nationwide, and they are: applying and getting the electronic driving license, registration of second-hand car transactions in different places, examining and issuing electronic traffic code for trucks via “Traffic management 12123” mobile applications and accessing traffic accident evidence materials online.

The electronic driving license has covered 200 cities by now, attracting widespread attention and popularity, and more than 50 million drivers have obtained electronic driving licenses, it said.

The business of examining and issuing electronic traffic codes for trucks online has covered 245 cities and drivers can apply directly online. About 60,000 such codes have been issued by traffic regulators, further empowering the freight transport industry and helping build a modern circulation system.


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